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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

CAP Month is a time to celebrate the good things our communities do to support stronger families and healthy children. Everyone – individuals, families and communities – must work together to prevent child abuse.

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Help Protect Your Kids

Encouraging ongoing, open communication is the first step to establishing a safe environment where children are empowered and parents are informed.

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Help us change the world, one child at a time!

Children who are abused can heal and assimilate the trauma into a healthy life, and you can help.

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Dee Norton Needs Your Support

Help us change the world one child at a time.


Our Mission

To prevent abuse, protect children and heal families.

Dee Norton Needs Your Help

For Parents

Parents need tools to keep children safe and resources to help children heal when prevention fails. We partner with caregivers to ensure children have the opportunity to grow and develop into healthy adults.



For Professionals

Collaboration among professionals is key to a system that protects and supports children and families. The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center strives to support our fellow professionals through collaboration and training.


For Supporters

The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center depends on the generous support of our community to help us fulfill our mission of providing support and services in a child-friendly environment at no cost to the families we serve.


Need to report child abuse?


Make a positive difference in the life of the children and families we serve! 82₵ of every dollar donated supports direct services.

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Spend time with children in our front lobby. Help with the maintenance of the facility. Serve on a special event committee. There are many ways for volunteers to contribute to the Center and the care of the children we serve.

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In 2017:


Children Helped


Professionals Trained