MDT Cross-Training

Continuing education for our region’s MDT partners

In order to support excellence and collaboration on the cases seen at the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center, our program provides regular, free cross-training events with our local Multidisciplinary Team partners.

As a Children’s Advocacy Center, Dee Norton works regularly with Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) partners from agencies in the community — including medical, legal, law enforcement, educators, social services, guardians ad litem, and mental health — to take appropriate action as quickly as possible. We coordinate and provide cross-training opportunities for our MDT community partners for the purpose of enhancing our collaborative response with children and their families. Training topics are developed in collaboration with and to meet the identified needs of the MDT. Team members with recommendations for future MDT trainings should contact the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center’s MDT Coordinator.

Upcoming MDT Crosstraining Opportunities

Check back soon for upcoming training opportunities!