Collaborating with our community since 1991

LCC Facade 2

Collaboration was an initial mandate in the development of the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center and remains one of our core values. Dee Norton works with over 30 community partner agencies to collectively improve outcomes for children.

The Lowcountry’s community effort of advocating for interagency coordination of services to child victims has a long history. Through a community survey in 1975, the Junior League of Charleston, Inc. identified gaps in services available to child victims in the Lowcountry as well as a failure of community agencies to communicate and cooperate in the best interest of the children. With the encouragement of the Junior League, in 1988 the Charleston County Legislative Delegation appointed a committee to again study the issue of our community’s response to allegations of child abuse. The committee identified the need for formal coordination of the delivery of services to children at risk in our community, and recommended establishing a center for this purpose. With leadership from the Junior League, a community task force took responsibility for implementing the recommendation, which resulted in the creation of the Lowcountry Children’s Center, Inc. in 1989.

The Center opened its doors in March 1991 at 1061 King Street. In 2001, the Lowcountry Children’s Center was renamed The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center (DNLCC) in memory of one of its founders and long-time volunteers, Dee Norton. In 2017 the Center was renamed the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center to better reflect the nature of the work we do for children in our community.