Auxiliary Boards & Societies

You can help us change the world, one child at a time!


Children who are abused can heal and assimilate the trauma into a healthy life, and you can help. Your contribution of time, talent or resources will make a difference for a child in our community.

The Dee Norton Society

The Dee Norton Society is a growing group of young professionals that offers participation in a unique mix of social, educational and volunteer opportunities.

Wiley Becker
Meredith Breeden
Michael Carbone
Stephanie Coiner
Kathryn Cole
Alexandra Corey
Carly Davis
Quinn English
Josie Fitzwater
Quinetha Frasier
Len Hutchison
Meg Lilly
Julia Luisi
Danielle Matesi
Scott Maynor
John Nash

Rachel Nightengale
Devin Patro
Elizabeth Robinson
Nina Rose
Caroline Simpson
Edward Smith
Anna Spann
Fallon Sposato
Madison Suttie
Mark Trigonoplos
Josh Welch
Anna Welch
Seabrook Whaley

To join The Dee Norton Society, click here.

Wild Women Society

The Wild Women Society is composed of passionate women who directly affect the lives of children by supporting the work of the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center by volunteering and funding services for children.

Jessica Aaron
Kimberly Baden
Laura Behre
Chris Brown
Katie Brown
Carolina Bryan
Cara lynn Cannon
Kay Cole
Andrea Cothran
Amy Davidson
Lisa De Armas
Sara DeWolf
Colleen Duignan-Gottlieb
Molly Dunn
Nancy Dunn
Terry Fisher
Donna Friedman
Andrea Fulton

Andrea Glenn
Jeannie Harrell
Sarah Hays
Valerie Howell
Beverly Hutchison
Jennifer Mathis
Weesie Newton
Pam Pearce
Leslie Pratt-Thomas
Anne Shaw
Robin Query
Mary V. Reagan
Lisa Rice
Ann E. Rice Ervin
Ella Richardson
Cindi Solomon
Carole Swiecicki
Jenny Thompson
Sandra Wrenn

To join the Wild Women Society, click here.

Board of Advocates

The Board of Advocates is a dedicated group of community leaders committed to the mission and vision of Dee Norton. Members of the Dee Norton Board of Advocates work with our community to keep children safe from abuse.

Chris Brown
Michael Budney
Tammy Darby
Linda Derbyshire
Jami DeWitt
Neil Draisin
Leslie Fennell
Chad Frampton
Debra Glasgow
Liston Guerry
Charlotte Guerry
Jeannie Harrell
Len Hutchison
Jim Jacobs
Elizabeth Johrendt
Daniel Lafferty
Carl Mabry
Megan Malanos
Dan Martin
Kathy Nistad
Phoebe Norton Coddington
Lance Oliver

Susan Parsell
Robert Philbeck
Harold Pratt-Thomas
Leslie Pratt-Thomas
Jenny Renken
Lisa Rice
Ella Richardson
Russ Robinson
Sarah Rose
Leigh Rowland
Benjamin Saunders
Mike Schmidt
Stacey Schmidt
Sara Schuh
Michael Teeple
Jennifer Thompson
Eric Vincent
Tricia Wilson

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